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Focusing on Difficult Therapeutic Targets

Current Challenges to Antibody Targeting:

One of the most common forms of biological therapeutic are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system to neutralize and remove foreign substances through recognition of antigens; the antibody’s unique molecular target.


Most therapeutic mAbs share similar composition with naturally occurring antibodies; however, full-size mAbs have limitations, primarily due to the antibody’s large size. The issue of size makes certain targets inaccessible and prevents efficient penetration into solid tumors or sites of uncontrolled infection and inflammation.

Abound Bio’s Unique Approach:

Our team has developed several very large (>1011 clones each), diverse human antibody libraries in standard Fab and scFv, and unique VH domain formats. We can rapidly (days to weeks) discover novel, high affinity, binders in multiple formats, engineer them if needed to improve their developability properties, and convert them for multiple uses including IgGs, multispecific, CARs, fusion proteins and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).
Differentiators include:

Novel Antibody Libraries

Abound Bio’s industry leading antibody libraries offer size and physical property advantages. Additionally, our ability to add new libraries increases binder diversity, coverage of potential antigens, screening capacity, and probability of identifying a lead therapeutic antibody candidate.

Antibody Engineering into Appropriate Therapeutic Format

We incorporate different binder formats (Fab, scFv, VH) into the appropriate therapeutic platform (ADC, CAR, bi- and multi-specific). Each indication and target may have different requirements; thus, the breadth of binder format provides a greater chance for success.

Abound’s Internal Product Pipeline

Using it’s own discovery and development capabilities, Abound has identified multiple proprietary antibodies in different formats to novel cancer targets for pre-clinical and clinical development. Pipeline details can be provided by request with a non-disclosure agreement.

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