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Abound Bio is a company whose mission is to generate novel antibody-based biological therapeutics to meet unmet medical needs in the fields of cancer and infectious disease. Abound Bio is led by world renowned experts in the therapeutic antibody, infectious disease, and cancer spaces with a significant track record of partnerships, licensing, and successful development of biotherapeutics.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Abound Bio, our mission is to generate novel biological therapeutics for unmet medical needs in the fields of cancer and infectious disease.  We look forward to a future where every patient is cured of their disease, free of the severe side-effects that accompany many of our current approaches. 
As leaders in developing these therapies, we understand that discovery and its translation to a therapeutic occurs in a community of scientists, physicians, patients, caregivers, advocates, and business leaders, and the many individuals who together have helped create this current environment of innovation and hope.  We also are aware that racism is a public health crisis that has no place in our organization.  We at Abound Bio are committed to identifying, challenging and changing the culture and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism and discrimination. 

Abound Bio’s differentiators include:

Novel Antibody Libraries
Abound Bio’s proprietary methodologies to build libraries increases their size, binder diversity, coverage of potential antigens, screening capacity, and probability of identifying a lead therapeutic antibody candidate.
Therapeutic Format
Abound Bio’s breadth of binder format provides a greater chance of success by incorporating its diversified binder sets (Fab, scFv, VH) into the appropriate therapeutic platforms (bi- and multi-specific antibodies, bispecific T-cell and NK-cell engagers, antibody-drug and antibody-radionuclide conjugates, CAR-T and CAR–NK cells). Each indication and target may have different requirements; thus, the breadth of binder formats and therapeutic platforms provides a greater chance for success.

Kurt Gehlsen

Consultant, Strategic and Business Development

Highly experienced senior executive with 30+ year’s experience in private and public companies, company formation and growth, technology and company investments, pharmaceutical and medical device product development, basic research, clinical development, regulatory affairs, strategic planning, business development, licensing, project management, investor relations and executive management.